Meat & poultry sausage

The experiment performed was full of courage and risks and it is sure to become a history of Mediterranean coast of Spain. Actually it was done in Spain by a crazy self-trained chef.
The mincemeat for this unique sausage was prepared out of 4 types of meat:
Turkey — 580 gr Chicken — 900 gr Beef — 660 gr Pork belly pancetta — 400 gr Pork shoulder — 650 gr The meat was salted in a standard way:
Salt — 2%
CUR 1 — 0,25%
Grounded in mincing machine with 8 mm discs.
Black pepper — 0,5%
Granulated garlic -0,5%
Sugar — 0,9%
Sweet red pepper — 0,12%
Jalapeno pepper — 0,12%
Chili pepper — 1 gr Juniper berries — 7 units
All the spices were poured with 50 gr of Jerez and later infusing for about 1 hour.
Also water was added to the mincemeat — 180 gr First the mincemeat was well-kneaded and then placed into the fridge for a night so that it could mature. After that it was tamped into a collagen casing of 45 mm.
The smoking can be performed on any fruit-tree sawdust.
Hot smoking over temperature limits from 40C to 90C till the temperature inside the product is 68C. Later the meat should be cooled down.
Alternative method — cold smoking during 24 hours.
Part of sausage which had not been smoked before, was placed in camera for curing. Weight loss 32−38%.
The sausage turned out to be balanced in taste, with lots of bright and rich flavors. The exterior and interior side of the sausage is outstanding; the texture is quite dense and at the same time the poultry meat makes it a little creamy and tender. I would highly recommend this dish for cooking.

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